Shoqah is your one stop for single family homes and apartments for rent or sale, Quickly view properties listing that fit your search criteria and connect directly to the landlords.
Key features:
- Search up-to-the-minute properties listing by location.
- Filter for listing that fit your budget and needs.
- Contact landlords right away by phone or email.
- Drive me there feature to get you to the exact location of the property.

01 Research & Discovery

Their existing product had over 500 pages of dynamic content and a seemingly endless feature set that was capable of doing everything from customer service to the creation of company benefits plans. We needed to learn to use this robust app to help us understand how to make it better

Understanding the Concept

The Goal: Architect an improved solution to the existing platform
thereby simplifying users day-to-day tasks.

02 Wireframes

03 The Design

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